Kimberly’s Journey

Family and friends,

I would like to share with you an exciting ministry opportunity in which I will participate in the summer of 2012. I will be part of a team from my church (The Church at South Mountain, ) that will minister for two weeks in the Philippines. The purpose of this trip is to aid full-time missionaries and ministries that our church has recently begun supporting. We will be working with Sean Ransom of the Expositor’s Academy and his family as they partner with ministries such as Kids International and Action International to serve the severely impoverished people of Manila.  Our potential opportunities to serve include:

  • Childcare at an orphanage
  • Reading program for impoverished children
  • Feeding program for a community of families displaced by flooding
  • Construction projects related to a new birthing center for women
  • Evangelism in various contexts
  • Encouraging local churches through teaching,preaching and music

Our church takes seriously the command of Christ to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” (Matt.28:19).  I am participating in this trip specifically because I believe we can fulfill this commission by serving our Christian brothers and sisters in a part of the world that does not have the abundant resources that we so often take for granted.

I ask that you consider partnering with me in this ministry opportunity through prayer.  Pray that my team and I might be adequately prepared for the spiritual, emotional, and physical struggles to come.  Pray that we might be humble ministers of the Gospel of Christ to the people of the Philippines, in our words and our deeds.  Finally, pray that I would grow in my love for God and others and live more and more for God.

As you might expect, there is a financial burden to ministering in Philippines.  The total cost will be $2,100 per person and is due by March 31, 2012.  Therefore, if you are able, I ask, in addition to your prayers, that you consider partnering with me through financial support.  If you are able to do so, please only give above and beyond your normal giving to your local church. You can give online at   As a matter of integrity and tax purposes, you will receive a receipt from the church for any gift.

Many of you encouraged and supported me during my last mission trip to Cameroon, West Africa in 2010.  I look forward to sharing this new experience with you as I prepare with my team, during the trip and upon my return.  I thank you in advance for your support, encouragement, and prayers as I prepare for this trip and look forward to sharing my experience with you upon my return.

In Christ’s Service,

Kimberly Allen


Twitter:  azkimber52

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