4 Months To Go and the Trip Date is Confirmed!

It’s been and exciting couple of weeks!  Our team got a chance to meet with Sean Ransom, the missionary that will be hosting us during our visit.  Sean Ransom is in the States to attend and present at several conferences and took time to stop in Phoenix to visit.  What a treat!  We had time to talk with him about all things Philippines, his family and his calling to the mission field.  One comment he made about his life as a missionary that resonated with me was “Counting the cost”.  We read and hear this phrase often but it’s not until you’re faced with challenges or opposition for Christ sake, that it becomes real.

The reality of the Philippines is that very few people are Christians.  In a country of 90 million, in which 20% live in Manila, less than 6% of the population is identified as Christian.  Therefore, Sean’s many duties include teaching men and women how to handle the Bible correctly, training local pastors in expository preaching and helping them build a solid philosophy of faith.  Our team looks forward to helping Sean with the many spiritual and physical needs of the people in the Philippines.

Our travels dates have been confirmed and our mission trip will be July 13-28, 2012.  For those of you who have shared your willingness to support me financially, I need your donation sent to the church by March 25th.   Please let me know if you will be offering support so I will know what additional funds I will need to contribute to meet my goal.

Continue to keep in your prayers: me,the team, Sean and Jessica Ransom and their family.

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