We have our tickets!!

All month, it’s been my intention to sit down and write the latest mission update…BUT the busyness of life kept interfering. I’ve been traveling for work for the past three weeks, plus studying, plus ministry duties, plus I got sick…..you get the picture. All those “pluses” are telling me I SO need to slow down and reassess what’s important. Thanks to an amazing devotion from a fellow children’s ministry director(thanks Danielle) on “catching and releasing”, I realized that I do a LOT of catching(which is not always beneficial). It’s a great reminder of my need to put into practice the “releasing” part(being still and listening to God’s voice, saying “no”, delegating to others) more often in my life.

So back to our trip update…we have our tickets for the Philippines. Our team of nine will fly from Phoenix to Hawaii(a quick 6 hour flight) and after a brief layover, we will fly to Manila(another 11 hours). Total travel time..about 19 hours. Compared to my previous trips to Africa, 19 hours will be easy 🙂 especially because I know you’ll be praying for me and the team!

Today, I will be writing a brief bio for our mission team leader to send on to our host family, outlining what I’m capable of doing and would like to do. In the past mission trips, God has always placed me where I needed to be so I can’t wait to see what I ultimately end up doing.

Finally, A BIG THANK YOU for those who have supported me financially…I appreciate it more than you know. A BIG THANK YOU also for those who will be praying for me, now and while I’m away. Knowing that others are interceding on my behalf brings much comfort to my heart.

Love and blessings…K

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