6 Weeks and Counting

Family and Friends,

I can’t believe that next month, I’ll be on my way to the Philippines! My job has kept me incredibly busy since my last post plus online coursework that I finally finished…YAY!! and the responsibilities of leading and serving our children’s ministry. Whew!! I’ve learned SO much in this “up close and personal” reminder and lesson of God’s grace in my life. His love HAS kept me and IS keeping me in this journey of life.

Our team will begin weekly meetings, starting this Tuesday, to continue to prepare spiritually and practically. We still don’t know exactly what each of our responsibilities will be once we get there except to be ambassadors of Christ…which is pretty awesome all by itself. Over the past couple of Sundays, I’ve had several of our children during Sunday School, write short notes about themselves for me to give to the Philippine children I will meet. I’m hoping this activity will help our children feel connected to this trip and spark the flame for missions in their hearts.

I’m hoping to provide weekly updates from this point on and I can’t wait to share pictures and video clips of the trip next month. Keep on praying that I will stand firm in my faith as I share the gospel of Christ, both here and abroad.

Love and blessing,


3 thoughts on “6 Weeks and Counting

    1. Jessica,
      Great to hear from you! Our team just met last night and we are also excited! Please let me know if there is anything that we can bring with us for you and the family or for the people we will be serving. By the way, the ladies are wondering what clothing they should pack. Any tips will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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