It’s True

It’s true….the earth is approximately 75% water and it feels as if we flew across it all yesterday. The longest ten and half hours but what a vision of the vastness of God’s creation!

Arrival at the airport and moving through immigration was smooth and uneventful…yay!! As Sean drove us home, we got a chance to experience Manila traffic…not as scary as Cameroon but more like LA on a really bad day. It seemed that lanes and traffic signs were more of a suggestion rather than rules to strictly follow :)….and this was not even rush hour!

The Ransom’s home is lovely and spacious and they have made us feel like family. Kim and I are roomies so our room is affectionately known as “K2”. We’re still trying to figure out nicknames for ourselves (Kimmie, Kimber)so when someone says Kim, we both don’t turn around :)….because you all know how hard it is to tell us apart, LOL!

Jessica has provided a delicious breakfast this morning before we head off to church….eggs,French toast, fresh fruits and the most amazing coffee!! So you know what that means…lots of coffee is coming home 🙂
Just for the AZ folks…it’s 8am and it 81 degrees with 84% humidity…as I’m sitting still and writing this, sweat is rolling down my back…lol. The upside of humidity…lovely skin and hair!
Attached are a few pics…breakfast, my bed, a night shot from the airport. More to come!




3 thoughts on “It’s True

  1. Don(nie) Stager

    This is Donnie. Apparently Kim Corens has not let you know that she also goes by Kimmy-Jean and likes to be called Kimba (like Simba). We’re glad that you guys made it safely.

  2. Bernadette Davis

    Glad you all made it safely, I pray you all will be a blessing to the Ransom family and to all you come in contact with!!!! tell Abram I am praying for him and everyone misses him already.

  3. Elly Lang

    Harley and I are praying for you all. We also have good news to share with the team, I am 10 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound proved for a great picture of the baby, kicking and air boxing during the ultrasound. Be safe and continue to do the Lord’s work. Love to you all!!!

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