Glorious Sunday

Sunday was a day filled with worship, an introduction to Filipino food and a brief historical stop. We worshipped with a church plant of Christ Commission Fellowship in there verse by verse study of Matthew. Yesterday’s sermon was on Matthew 6:1-4 and we found it to be great passage for our team to have our own “home away from home” impact group led by Andy.

After church, Sean and Jessica introduced us to Filipino cuisine…..interesting(almost every part of a pig is edible) and delicious! We then headed to the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial…pretty amazing place full of history about the operations in the Pacific during WWII.
By the time we finished dinner, I can say we were all exhausted….Abram, our youngest team member even fell asleep in the chair during dinner conversation :). I think we were all in bed before 9pm. Jessica reminds us that naps are a good thing…and go a long way towards helping some of us stay up later.

Today,(Monday morning) after a good night’s sleep, we began our day with group devotions (6:45am) followed by a visit to the Kid’s International Ministries school that we will be working at next week. We met with the principal, toured the primary and intermediate schools and delivered a suitcase full of basic medical and school supplies that were purchased specifically for this trip. The school principal was overjoyed! The school’s emergency supplies for the clinic consisted of a small first aid kit( which you can see in the attached pic).
Next week, we will be teaching and tutoring at both campuses and I’m so excited! I will even get a chance to use some of my work skills to help the principal with the training of teachers and school improvement. It’s amazing how God works together all the little details!
One final detail….we will be singing at church next Sunday! We’ve been practicing our song “Christ Crucified” with Andy on guitar and Kim C. and Madonna serving as co-worship leaders. You can imagine how much fun we’re having!

Lots more to share but time for dinner and getting ready for tomorrow’s very busy day and night. Enjoy the pictures!

Love to all and keep us in your prayers….Kim








3 thoughts on “Glorious Sunday

  1. Hi Kim! I’m so glad to see you guys will get your chance to do a “special number” in church. We set the bar pretty high last year, so no pressure or anything. 🙂

    Also, do you take requests? I wanna see a picture of the Ransom family. I’m curious how much they’ve all grown.

    Please give my hugs all around, and save me some of that delicious chopped up pig’s face!


  2. Gene and Judy Miller

    Hi Kim ~ so much fun experiencing this mission trip vicariously through your posts and pictures! Keep them coming! Give our love to all the team members, yourself included. 🙂 Praying for all of you each day during my devotions. God is so good! Gene and Judy 🙂

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