It’s a girl!!

It’s a girl!!

Today(Tuesday) has been an amazing day! I got to see a baby born at the Shalom Christian birthing center!! Upon our arrival to begin our work there, we were asked if we wanted watch the birth. The ladies on our team immediately said yes! When we entered the birthing center (about the size of my bedroom), the head was already out. After a few more pushes, the baby girl…Miley was born. There were a few anxious moments immediately after the birth because Miley wasn’t breathing or crying. As the medical staff tried to stimulate her, I was able to put my arms around the relative who was there with the mother to pray and assure her. As I looked behind me, I could see the ladies of our team praying also. Within a minute they had clear enough mucus from her nose and mouth for her to breath but still no cry. Her heart was beating strong and she had good color! They gave her oxygen and finally after about 5 minutes, she cried! We all applauded and praised God!! It was truly a miraculous moment….the birth and seeing God breathe life into this child.

The needs are great for this little center and theirs ayers are being answered with a new building. The attached pictures show the current facility( from the founder’s home) to the new facility that shoul open by the end of the year.





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