Shalom Birthing Clinic…more babies!

It’s Wednesday and we’ve just finished our second of three days at the Shalom Birthing Clinic. Since we had to be there by 7:30 am, it was a very early morning for the team(we were up late the night before to do some evening outreach which you will read about in another post).

Mavis Orton, the founder started the clinic in 1992 after observing the high mortality rate among the mother’s giving birth and newborn babies. Her vision was and still is to follow God’s call on her life by providing good maternity care to those with minimum finances and a much needed spiritual ministry to the women who come to the clinic. Mavis is an inspiration to trust and obey God even when others tell you otherwise. Twice Mavis was told she was too old to be a missionary…once at age 31 and again at age 51. In November, Mavis will celebrate her 80th birthday!! She’s an inspiration to us all that you’re never too old to be used by God!

During our full day at the clinic, four babies were born and over 100 women received maternity well checks! In the midst of all of this, our very own Madonna cut hair and shared Christ with at least 12 women and one little boy! It was amazing to listen to Madonna specifically tailor her conversation about Christ to the specific needs of that person….relational evangelism in action.

Kim C.,Irene, Carmen and I spent part of our day interacting with the toddlers and preschoolers who accompanied their moms to the clinic. I had the fun of talking about Christ to these young ones who didn’t speak a word of English….so there were lots of pictures, laughter and finger play songs(thanks Kim C. and Carmen) to get the message across. Irene came prepared with little items to give away which helped to draw the children to us. At one point, as we gave the children stickers, we noticed that the adults were also wanting stickers…so we distributed to them also :)….we believe they were also learning about Christ along with there children. The rest of our day was spent helping the clinic staff organize the facility’s files and donated items.

Finally, our guys..Andy, Doug and Abram spend the entire day painting the ceilings in the new facility. They had the opportunity to interact with the workers and specifically with a young man(22 yrs old) who was sort of the foreman for their project. He shared with Andy how hard is to be a Christian when his family is not. It’s great to know that even in the midst of hard labor, ministering and encouraging are still possible.

We will be back at this clinic for our final visit on Friday. Keep praying that we continue to serve joyfully and humbly. Lunch today was another traditional Filipino style meal with Mavis, her clinic supervisor, Cindy Gingerich and three of the midwives. This time, two large banana leaves served as our tablecloth and plates and we ate with our lunch with our hands! A delicious meal of rice, chicken and vegetables made the day extra special as we shared a meal with some of the staff! Below are a few pictures that reflect portions of our day!

Love and blessings to you all!!













One thought on “Shalom Birthing Clinic…more babies!

  1. Is there such thing as “righteous envy”? If so, I have it right now because I want to be there with you all! Much love to you. Please know that your faith family back home is praying diligently for you and all the souls you encounter!

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