Outreach and Evangelism

It’s Thursday and we arrived home after a 15 hour day! I asked the team to describe, in one word, their description of the day. Blessed, tiring, tearful, faithful and courageous are just a few of the words that described the many emotions and experiences of the day.
We began the day, meeting our outreach team (Integrity Ministries)at the Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) church in Alabang. The church has four Sunday Worship services in English and one Filipino service…each lasting 90 minutes! It’s a beautiful facility and they minister to a few thousand. The church we visited last Sunday is a church plant from this church.

We spent the entire day involved with outreach and evanglism. This outreach team took us into three economically depressed communities to share Christ with the children. It sort of reminded me of a traveling tent revival. We walked through the streets and alleys shouting “Sunday School, time for Sunday School” as we invited and coaxed children and their parents to come and hear the message. The children (ages 2-16), many of their parents, and others in the community listened to the lesson from 1 Samuel 16-17 for an entire hour. The two young men who were teaching had to be the best teachers I’ve seen in a long time. Both men were trained by Sean and they made the Bible come to life for these children…and our team! They were knowledgeable and passionate about the Word AND they had the children intently engaged….without technology! As you look at some of the pictures of our surroundings, you will see joy in the midst of it all. Our team was able to be “special guest” evangelist and sing children’s songs about Jesus with all the actions! Be sure to seek us out for a special performance :). We also had many opportunities to read through and personally share the CASM bible tracts we brought along. It was another amazing sight to see our team ministering to individuals and small groups throughout the day….bold and courageous!
By the time we headed home, the rain came and it poured! It was the quietest ride home because we were so exhausted but we remember and are encouraged by 2 Tim 4:5: But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.














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