Another incredible day of worship and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in the Philippines! God gave us much grace this morning as we shared our song with the congregation. We were then blessed by Pastor EJ’s sermon on Matthew 6:5-8, “Prayer That Pleases God”. The pastor provided clear biblical teaching about prayer while posing some excellent questions regarding how we pray, what we say and our motives. This will give our team much to discuss during our group devotions this week. We thanked the pastor, his wife and members of the church for the opportunity and joy of fellowship with them and agreed to be praying for them as they continue with their mission to reach the poor communities throughout the Philippines.

Our afternoon continued with the most amazing lunch! We stopped at a “open space fresh fish market” in which you choose your seafood (and they had everything you could imagine) and then prepare it just the way you want. We ate family style with the Ransoms and dined on tilapia, shrimp,crab,calamari,garlic rice….and other delicious items. As you can see from the pictures, it was a Sunday feast that will be a lasting memory for us all, with plenty of leftovers for dinner tonight. Once we arrived home, we had a movie afternoon with another Filipino treat…avocado ice cream! We also have purple yam ice cream to try for later….yummy!

Tomorrow(Monday) begins our week of serving at the primary and intermediate schools. Teaching, tutoring, and the freedom to share Christ during the school day! I’m sure we will all have exciting stories to share at the end of the day.












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