Philippines Flooding-Please Pray!

Less than two weeks ago, I was in Manila. Tonight, I am reading and hearing the stories from my new friends in the Philippines about the devastating floods. This is so heartbreaking especially when you’ve come to know and love them. They are asking for our prayers!
I was so encouraged by an amazing and joyful people who always brought a smile to my face. Here is one reason why: One of the teachers we worked with(Glysene) has had to evacuate her home and go to her church for shelter. However,she is still reaching out with her church to serve those families who are in need of food and clothing. How many of us would be concerned about others in the same situation? I love her faith in God to see her through this time and that same faith from so many we met. As you read and view the pictures, take a moment to pray.

Here is the link to the CNN story about the floods if you want to read more:
I’ve also added a few pictures provided by friends in Manila.







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