2012 in Review

As I thought about the best way to remember and share 2012, I realized a photo..or many say it all!!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Proud Mom moments: Jessica’s 25th Birthday and her career as a traveling nurse; Durrell’s first movie music project at the Sedona Film Festival!  Loving that my “babies” grown into responsible adults!





Mission Trip to the Philippines:  Probably THE highlight of my year!  Thanks to Sean and Jessica Ransom and family, the Cuatro Christian School staff, and all the Filipino friends I met along the way for allowing me to fulfill a calling in my life.  



KidMin:  Serving in the children’s ministry has opened up a world of new friends who have prayed for and encouraged me in this ministry.  However, the greatest joy is the opportunity to love our children as I teach them about Christ.





Assorted memories:  Dallas friends and Cowboy stadium; my new Thanksgiving tradition: bacon wrapped turkey 🙂



Many, many more pictures and memories have been shared on Facebook and my earlier posts on this blog….so don’t feel left out :)….it just means the next time you see me, we must get a picture together!

God Bless You and Happy New Year to all!

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