Konnichiwa (Hello),

Arrived safely but with no inflight entertainment :(. An hour delay in Seattle to repair the video system didn’t work. You would think in the land of Bill Gates and Microsoft, there would be someone who could make it work. Where’s my son when I need him? 🙂

So, in the 4769 miles, a little over 10 hours on this leg…we are learning fun and interesting things about each other. Like…what three foods are your “must haves”, if you were on a desert island? Your favorite dessert? Just a little team building to pass the time. We’re also beginning to think we’re part of a Pavlov experiment because it seems that every time the flight attendant pushes out a cart, all of a sudden you’re hungry again, lol!

One thing I did get do is start reading is our devotional book, Keeping Perspective, we all received from our Pastor and elders. Great reading and reflections on prayer and perfect for our trip!

A little sleep deprived but ready for the last 6 hours to our final destination.

Sayonara until Thailand!

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