The Real Thailand

Today began with a delicious breakfast of fresh mangoes and sticky rice.

20130601-060432.jpg This was followed by great conversation with Doug and Cheryl about their start here in Thailand, the ongoing work to evangelize the area and the country and the most immediate needs. Amazingly, they are responsible for 27 provinces, over 20 million people…who need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Rob and Lori were also introduced to us, long term missionaries from Oregon, who will be helping us with teaching this week. They are life long friends of the Derbyshires and have been a great resource for what we will be doing with the children.

The most amazing and spiritually overwhelming part of today was the visit to the ” disneyland of the gods”. I can’t begin to truly explain the spectacle of worship we saw today. The air was filled with the stench of incense, vendors everywhere, and a carnival-like atmosphere as hundreds of people paid homage to a variety of idols. As you look at a few of the pictures, read Isaiah 45:20 and that will give you and inkling of what we saw…over and over again. An overt dishonoring of God that made my heart hurt as I watched the many children with their parents. This is exactly what we needed to see and experience to understand the urgency of the Gospel here. There is a very real darkness and oppression and we must remember this is war.







One thought on “The Real Thailand

  1. What strikes me most about today’s events is how quickly we use the talents and skills that God gives us, but abandon the true God Who gives them. How offensive it must be to God to see how the treasure of His creation has turned its back on Him to worship stone carvings of RATS. Yes, they had rat gods there today, too.

    But then I have to remember to take the log out of my own eye. How often do I neglect or refuse to use the talents, skills, and gifts that God has given me to bring Him glory or lead others to Him? What a sweet, merciful God of grace we have. And we have so far to grow still.

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