Sunday…Rejoice and be glad!

I love Sundays and it’s extra special when I’m on a mission.

This morning, after breakfast, the team took time to share reflections from our personal devotion time…always insightful. This was followed by Doug’s devotion/lesson with us in Acts 17. Powerful and thoughtful. We were so blessed to have him take time to minister to us.

Once we got to church, the team assisted Cheryl with the Sunday school lesson, singing and then presented a skit on the Fall. Andy and Joan played the parts of Adam and Eve, Don was the tree in the garden, Brent was the serpent and Robert was the voice of God and narrator. I can’t wait for the team to present this skit to our children :).

The worship service was entirely in the Thai language, which made for an interesting service. During the praise time, most of the songs were familiar praise/worship sings but they were sung in Thai….with some English subtitles. Once again, we’re thankful to Doug for providing translation during the service. He passed notes to us so we would know what was going on. Today’s message was from Philippians 4:1-7.
The message focused us to:
1. Stand fast in Jesus
2. Get along with one another
3. Rejoice always
4. Trust in God for everything

After church, we fellowshipped with the congregation over a meal, in which they practiced their English and we practiced our Thai. One thing I did learn was the word, “Hallelujah” is the same in English and Thai.

We ended our day preparing for our first full day of teaching the children followed by a teaching/sharing time with the teachers. Doug has shared that this visit is an extraordinary opportunity. First, we have the freedom to share Christ in a Buddhist school; second, the teachers have asked to meet with us each day after school, which provides us the opportunity to help them improve their English and learn about our faith in Christ.
Exciting week ahead…here are a few pictures that capture our past 24 hours…







2 thoughts on “Sunday…Rejoice and be glad!

  1. Kathy Soto

    Thank you all for your service to share the message of the Lord. We love to see and hear what you are all doing. The Soto’s

  2. Hazel Benton

    What an exciting and glorious time in the Lord. This had to be a most precious and blessed service by far. Thank you for sharing this time with me. May God continue to bless all of you as you perform his will into the lives of others. Take care of yourself. Much love…………mom

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