Tell me more about Jesus

Another exciting day in Thailand as we taught the children about sin and its consequences. Andy and Joan as Adam and Eve, Brent as the serpent, Don as the tree in the garden and Brent as the serpent…brought the story to life for our children.



Another wonderfully humid day but this time we were ready…Gatorade for all :). It helped as we taught our lessons around the memory verse: ” Everyone has sinned and is far away from God.”




One pretty amazing thing that did happen today, a 4th grade girl, while participating in a small group activity, went to a member of our team (Robert) wanting know about Jesus! We are praying that the opportunity presents itself tomorrow to tell her, and many others, more about our Savior and Lord.

In the afternoon, we met again with our teacher groups to help them improve their English. We are all at various points in sharing our testimony and what it means to be a Christian. In my group, I asked ” what happens when you die?” and they said they didn’t know. I was able to take some time to talk with them about eternity in heaven or hell and how Christ came to save us and be Lord of our lives. They are a great group who are eager to hear more tomorrow.


The principal of the school is so pleased with what we have been doing, that they presented us with a huge gift basket of fruit. Robert and I accepted it on behalf of our team.


As our day comes to a close, we are preparing our lessons for tomorrow’s focus on sharing the story of Christmas. It will be a very special day and again we pray to be used by the Lord as we support, encourage and work alongside Doug and Cheryl and the ministry they have established here.

Love and blessings!

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