For the past four days, we have been sharing the gospel with the children and teachers through stories in the Bible,that clearly show our need for a Savior. We began with Creation, moved on to the Fall, shared the birth of Jesus and today told the Easter story. It has been such a pleasure and privilege to watch the children as they listened to Robert tell the Christmas story and Joan share the Easter story. Our team has been amazing as we try our hand at “acting” to bring each story to life. We’ve had some humorous moments as we prepared, which has helped our team bond even more. Once we’re at the school, it’s hard to describe the attentiveness and interest the children show toward each story. A real hunger to know our God is evident. It is my prayer that the truth of Christ continues to work in their hearts.

As I started to write this post at 10:45 pm Wednesday night, it was raining. Not an Arizona rain that only gets a drop or two on the ground but a really steady, refreshing rain. Another reminder for me to be still and listen, to receive my daily refreshment from the only source that never runs dry and to recognize my need to be cleansed from all unrighteousness.

As I finish this blog..(the rain put me to sleep last night)….we are having another great day! Our morning devotions are a sweet time of fellowship and as are the van rides to the school. In a sort while, we will be heading back to the school for our final day with the teachers. We have small gifts for them that will present the gospel to them in both DVD format and booklets. I was also able to add scripture bookmarks to the bags on behalf of our team.

I can’t believe that tomorrow will be our last day. I’m exhausted yet exhilarated and enthusiastic…eager to continue this missionary life. I can probably speak for most of the team when I say…I wish we could stay for awhile longer.

Here are a few photo highlights from the past 24 hours or so…more to come!!!

Love and bless











One thought on “Jubilant!

  1. Peg and Jan Haase

    Good to see Joanie looking so well. Enjoy your visit, Joan. Look forward to all your stories when you return. Sure hope The Lord keeps you all safe!

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