Come and Follow

Today’s post begins with a familiar passage that fascinates me every time I read it:
And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” Mark 1:17

This one sentence is both simple and complex in what Jesus asked the disciples to do AND what He is calling me…us to do. How significant was it for the disciples to leave behind their way of life and family at a time when it was counter-cultural to leave family or change career.

As it was then and now, Jesus was calling them to trust the good news that their God was doing something new. They had to cut loose from other ties and trust him and his message. That wasn’t easy then and isn’t easy now. But it’s what Peter, Andrew, James and John did, and it’s what all Christians are called to do today, tomorrow, and on into God’s future. And so…here we are in Thailand, learning and living out what it means to leave behind a way of life and family, for the greater good of sharing the good news of Christ.

It’s the end of the day on Tuesday and we’ve been extremely busy. Here are a few highlights:

Pastor Q is a recent seminary graduate, a newlywed and church planter. His
home church is about 30 members and they actually meet in his home. He is delight and passionate for the Lord and see great things for the people of Thailand. He also has an incredible testimony.



Here is where they currently meet and a model of the new church they are praying to be built someday.




Our days at the high school have been especially fruitful as we build relationships with the students (grades 7-12) and their teachers. The mornings are filled with activities to help students practice speaking English correctly as we teach the story of the Prodigal Son. So much to learn about the repentance, redemption and restoration.









In the afternoons, the school has provided us with a lunch of traditional Thai food and then we spend the remainder of the day building relationships with the teachers, helping them with their English and sharing our testimony. It’s relational evangelism that allows for a natural expression of our love for and faith in Christ to shine. This is proving to be an especially fruitful time filled with many questions and an eagerness to learn about Christ and his teachings. Keep us in your prayers as we complete our last day at the high school tomorrow and move on to two new schools.


Dinner by the river ended our day. We’re exhausted but encouraged by all that we’ve experienced, so far!  Love and blessings!


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