Exhausted yet Encouraged!

Yesterday, we spent our final day at the high school…what an amazing experience!  We knew it was going to be an emotional and special day, however it exceeded our expectations!  Each day, the number of students grew in our groups…word spread quickly 🙂 and their eagerness to learn about Jesus.

Prior to our arrival at the high school, I shared with the team a portion of a devotional that our pastor shared with our Philippines mission team two years ago.  It was a great reminder for us to follow on how to be effective with sharing the gospel as Jesus did.

1.  Jesus always adopted His teaching to His audience.

2.  Jesus spoke authoritatively because he was assured of God’s presence. 

3.  Although Jesus spoke with authority, He never spoke with an overbearing and dogmatic desire to force consent.

4.  Jesus determined to make men think for themselves.

5.  Jesus lived what He taught, not professionally, but naturally.

6.  Jesus had a love for and intimacy with those He taught.

Each of these points are so appropriate for not only the work we are doing here but also at home.  As our day came to an end, the conversations about the gospel with the teachers were especially powerful and poignant.   Lots of seeds were sown and our prayer is that others will follow us to water that seed with the word.

Here are some highlights of the day:

image image image image image image


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