Making New Memories

We’ve completed our second day and WOW!!  So many amazing moments to share.  First, kids are kids everywhere I go….and the energy and excitement here is amazing.  Here are a few of our students in grades 7-12.






At the end of each day, we spend time practicing conversational English with the teachers.  This is an extraordinary time that gives the Thai teachers time to practice their English and for us to begin to explore their spiritual life and share our faith in Christ.   One question that arises: “Why are you here?”  It’s hard for them to understand that we would come all the way from America because we love them and want them to know about Jesus.  Getting to know teachers individually and small groups have allowed each of us to learn more about the people, culture and their beliefs.  Each day, we are able to delve deeper and the conversations have been thought-provoking and it seems at least in one case…life changing.



A final highlight was visiting four of the home churches in the area.  What a testament to the far reaching  power of the gospel.  Tonight, I’m almost speechless with the experience of a small group of believers.  These small group meets every Tuesday night for bible study and they are a direct result of our first visit to Thailand.  In fact, one of the children at the elementary school we visited was there, along with his grandmother.  I was touched that she remembered me and that we were able to share our testimonies!  At the end of our time together, we had dinner which was a collection of foods reserved for special occasions.   They all said how encouraged they were by us and I found myself SO MUCH MORE encouraged by them.  These men and women have risked everything to follow Jesus and seem to embrace the hardships and suffering with joy.




The days have been very long (12-14 hours) and full and I seem to be the one that mosquitoes are loving right now :)…. and yet there is nothing else I would rather be doing right now.

Keep praying!

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