Shining Light Into The Darkness

Our final day with the high school students was yesterday and it was great!  Great in the sense that I was able to end the week with a simple gospel presentation for each of the 7 class rotations.  If you ever want to know if you really know the gospel….try sharing it with 175 high school students who speak little or no English and have more energy than they know what to do with :).  Using simple language and pictures, it became a privilege and a joy to intentionally sow the seeds of the Word and spread the love of Christ this week.   This final day with the students was filled with lots of love, hugs and fun.  We were even treated to a special Thai dance by the students to show their thanks and we were also able to leave each student with a Thai language gospel tract and goodies.  Several students are already posting on Facebook about how much they enjoyed our visit and will miss us.




IMG_0247 IMG_0243









For the past four years, the missionary hosts have knocked on the doors of the homes in Ban Pho and there has been no response…until this week.   We were able to witness a slight opening of the door to this community through our work this week and specifically through one of the students.  The need to reach the children in the community has been great but there was a greater need to reach the families of Ban Pho.  Through the providence of God, we stopped at a roadside ice cream stand down the road from the school that was owned by a parent of one of the students.  Our team purchased ice cream and Dr. Doug Derbyshire was able to meet and talk with the family.  This might not seem like a big deal by Western standards but when you take in the seemingly impossible task of reaching this country for Christ, it truly is a moment of praise!

ice cream in Thailand









As we begin to pack and prepare for the long flight home, the question always arises..”What will you say to everyone about this trip, when you return home?”   At this point, I’m still processing that question.  This trip has had a far greater impact than I imagined and brought with it a mix of emotions.  The obvious “take home” is always present…the proclamation of the gospel is primary, urgent and must be heeded by all who say they are followers of Christ.  None of us who truly believe and call ourselves Christ followers are exempt.

I’m thankful for the varied experiences and new friendships as a result of this trip and especially thankful for our CASM team and church family.   More to come once I’m back in the States.

Love and blessing!!

team pic

One thought on “Shining Light Into The Darkness

  1. Hazel Benton

    So Godly proud of all you’re doing for the kingdom of God. Praise God the mission was a success. If you only reach one the angels in heaven are rejoicing. May God give you strength on your journey home. We are praying for God to give you and your team traveling mercies. I can’ wait to hear more about this amazing trip. May God bless and keep you in his care. Love u daughter!

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