A New Adventure Awaits


Two years ago, I wrote about change and contentment and posed the following question : How content am I when plans and dreams change?   Well, my plans and dreams did change…AND it was good AND different AND challenging AND insightful.


In that time, I got a dog…Riley.  Who knew this little bundle of energy would be a source of endless adventure, affection and fun.


I traveled to Thailand a few times and preparing to go again (4th trip) in June.  Even with some familiarity of what to expect, it’s always so exciting and full of surprising experiences.

Finally, I finished a rigorous course of study with Moody Bible Institute and now have my Certificate in Biblical Studies.  Theological studies is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done and yet it transformed how I think, how I read the Bible and how I view the world.

My life is still very busy but my perspective has changed about what’s important and keeping the “main thing, the main thing”.  As I resume writing this blog, I hope to share my “notes to self”…things that I logged in my notes app on my phone in my moments of quiet and unexplained inspiration.  These words of wisdom and encouragement that I’ve saw me through my studies,ministry and life.  I looking forward to sharing them as well as highlights of our upcoming mission trip to Thailand.





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