Thailand: Church Planters

The past 24 hours  have been a whirlwind of activity to prepare for a very busy week.   Yesterday (Saturday), we spent the entire day with Jeremy and Christina, the newest missionaries, getting reintroduced to the cultural and spiritual foundation of Thailand.  One of the most encouraging statements shared so far, by Jeremy:

“You are church planters.  You’re pushing open a door for long-term ministry to the people of Thailand.  You are helping us find a few children that we can pour into over time.”

Once again, the opportunity to be exposed to and observe the spiritual practices and allegiance to the many gods, is always an eye-opening experience.   It’s also a reminder to us that we are not exempt from the many “idols” (job, money, status, possession,etc.) we can turn to in the Western world, that can distract and derail us from following Christ with all of our heart, mind and soul.

This morning, I had the opportunity to teach a lesson to 25 pre-K/elementary aged children on the Great Commission.  With the help of our  faithful team, we were able to show these children that as they trust God and follow His plan, they will be required to go and tell the world about Jesus”.


Cheryl Derbyshire (our missionary host and wife of Dr. Doug) created a song…on the spot…for the kids to sing using this simple phrase.   I just love watching and learning from her about how to minister to the children and people of Thailand.

Sunday School with the children was followed by attending the worship service.  The pastor preached from Luke 5:17-20.  Thanks to Dr. Doug who translated the sermon for us during the service, so we could follow the sermon.  The joy of hearing God’s word today was magnified by how it connected us, no matter where you are from or language spoken, Christians all have the responsibility to carry our friends to Jesus…no matter the cost, obstacle, or risk.  What made the day especially memorable…we were privileged to see five young women baptized!


Love and blessings from the field,





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