A Day Filled With Smiles

 “Every word of God is true; he protects those who trust in him”   Proverbs 30:5

This scripture started the first day of English Camp with approximately 200 7th-10th students…and it was a day filled with adolescent enthusiasm, energy and eagerness to listen and learn.











To our surprise, there were many of the students who remembered us from 3 years ago when we did our first mission trip here, to their primary school, which is located in the same town.

The young man wearing the glasses in the picture below, was a student who had been bullied then because of his profession of faith in Christ.  Here he is, just 3 years later, growing strong in the Lord and sharing his faith with others. The love and guiding support of a believing and faithful grandmother, a small church of faithful believers and the consistent influence of the missionaries here are the protective influences that surround this young man.  Last year, I had the pleasure of attending their house church and worshipping with him and his church family.  Seeing him again made my heart smile!


What a joyful day!

As I close this email, I have to mention the kindness of a small group of student teachers who have provided this icy cold drink at the end of each day.  With days in the mid-90s and humidity around 75-80% and no air conditioning in our classrooms…what a wonderful kindness.  I pray that the good news we bring, will be refreshing and life-giving to their souls.





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