Night and Day


The last 24 hours has been full of transition.  Transitioning flights, flight delays, body clocks, food taste, sleep patterns, climate and the biggest transition….a new culture.   But God has been gracious to give us all what we have needed to make the adjustment.


Doug has provided us with spiritual guidance and direction to help us prepare to shine brightly in a dark place.  He reinforced our threefold purpose:

  1.  Do what we can to make God known
  2. Take care to bless God’s people
  3. Let God be seen in our faces

We had rich discussions about each of these purposes as we have viewed various aspects of the country and culture.  I find this to be great advice for every Christian to know and live by.

So, as we ready ourselves to join the Thai believers and enter into the communities to serve their physical needs, it is supremely important that we remember our primary purpose: Proclaiming Christ and making Him known.


Let us not neglect to tell our relatives and friends that we have found the way of life…that we have tasted the bread of life and found it good.  Let us awaken to a deeper sense of our responsibility to “Go and tell” all who will hear.

Striving to bring Him glory,







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