What if….

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Mobile medical clinics began on Monday and it’s been quite an adventure for me and our team!  I’ve been slow in posting this blog and pictures because we are in areas of central Thailand where internet is very limited.    

In the course of this week. we will see hundreds of people of all ages, eagerly arriving from the town and surrounding vicinity.   It’s also been a  privilege to serve and meet the physical needs of individual, share the gospel of Christ and encourage the local Thai believers.  

2017-08-21 15.47.37

What continues to amaze after each trip to Thailand is that we are seeing people who have never heard about God, Jesus, the Bible.  It’s one thing to read about it but entirely different to meet these individuals personally.   In the course of this week, we have met many people in the community…including monks, entering the clinic for a physical concern and leaving with their heart, mind and soul exposed to the saving grace of the gospel.  

2017-08-22 14.08.112017-08-21 10.15.49.jpg

Each community we served has only a handful of Thai believers but they are a persevering, bold and courageous group of believers who see as their primary purpose: proclaiming Christ to whoever is around and will listen.   These small groups are encouraged  by our presence and it motivates them to press on in Christ’s name.  One church of FIVE believers told us that they are already praying for a church building!  No elaborate building campaigns just the power of prayer and trusting Christ to do what He says He will do.  Initial life lessons or questions so far…

What if we didn’t freak out or become overwhelmed when we are challenged as believers to share our faith?

What if we stayed on the narrow path in our journey, keeping our eyes on Jesus?

What if we encouraged others to persevere in their faith and not quit?

What if we trusted God to God, trust Him and leave the rest to Him?

Sounds like a lot of trusting, obeying, sacrifice and surrender….the life of Christ and those who are His followers.




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