Losing to Gain


This week, we have experienced life with groups of believers who given everything to follow Christ. In the face of extreme persecution and even death, they are boldly proclaiming “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior” in all that they do and everywhere they go. This statement of faith carries significant importance when you are among a handful of believers in your entire town.


Add to the mix….the understanding that if you profess belief in Christ and follow Him, you will lose your family, be abandoned by most everyone you know and face persecution. It is hard to truly articulate and understand their experiences, especially from the perspective of Americans who almost never faces the fear of being abandoned/isolated/persecuted because of their faith.






Of the many lessons and blessings that have come from our Thai brothers and sisters, this one will stay with me:

Being a Christian is more than following a set of beliefs about Jesus, it’s necessary to actually follow Jesus.  There is a delight in being a disciple of Christ and discipling others but there is also a high cost. 



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