“Soli Deo Gloria”…To God be the Glory!

Now that jet lag is slowly dissipating…I have a few lingering thoughts and impression as I bring some closure to my mission trip to Thailand.  After five visits to this amazing, beautiful country, I have to say THIS trip was life changing.  My heart overflows with much love, joy and hope for the people of Thailand.

The medical ministry that Doug and Cheryl Derbyshire have devoted 25 years of their lives to, is an amazing gift to this country and it has been a privilege to serve alongside them and their Thai team.

Being able to participate in the mobile medical clinic this year, gave me another perspective of this ministry and the mandate to “go and make disciples”.  


Doug, Cheryl and their team are God’s healing servants for the physical and spiritual needs of the people.  Ever hopeful and tirelessly laboring until every person was reached.  Thank you for the privilege to participate in a small way in a ministry that you have given your life to.


Thank you for demonstrating what it looks like to offer a place of love, compassionate care, and hope.



They come seeking and needing…your knowledge, your attention, your care, your understanding, your smile and your respect.



They come and you and your team tells them about Christ’s love for them, you point them to Christ by sharing the life-saving words of the gospel, you show them the only truth that sets them free.














To learn more about and follow this ministry, go:  Lifelines to Heaven

“Soli Deo Gloria” … To God be the Glory


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