Lamenting Brings Rejoicing

When I started to update my blog, it was going to be filled with travel photos from the past 10 years as a way to commemorate 2020. 






Then COVID-19 hit and life was disrupted. 

But nothing describes the disruption of life than the death of George Floyd

            and Breonna Taylorkilled in her own home

                        and Armaud Arberykilled while jogging

                                    The Charleston 9killed at bible study

                                                 and so many more. 

Nothing describes the disruption of life than to watch the murder of a human being, not of old age or disease but by the hands of another human being. 

Nothing describes the disruption of life than to watch the last breath of a man while three individuals stood by and watched. 

Nothing describes the disruption of life, 8 minutes and 46 seconds, which ultimately ended a life.

So I write this with a mix of emotions:  disillusioned, scared, angry, grieving, hurt, angst, sadness, frustration and lamenting.  Deeply lamenting because of the many lives lost and the injustices (both big and small), that never seem to go away. There are too many to count and I find myself lamenting and just plain weary. 

Lament : to mourn aloud; feeling or expressing sorrow or grief.

Once again, I’m having conversations with family and friends and we share the spectrum of emotions.  Once again, I’m having conversation with those who are not people of color, who ask,  “what can I do?” (thank you for asking) or simply send their love and say, “I stand with you”.    The work conversations, television coverage, and my social media filled with conversations, images and hashtags of people of color who have been mistreated or unjustly murdered…all while living in a pandemic.  And this doesn’t even include the daily self-awareness needed to navigate society.  Exhausting.  

Practically speaking and simply put, if you respect and value others,

  • You will educate yourself… you will read…. you will listen
  • You will choose to be an ally and advocate
  • You will seek diversity in your circle of friends
  • You will treat others with the same respect as your family and friends.

It doesn’t fix everything.  Yet it’s a start.  A start to long term, deep work that requires grace, mercy and a lot of patience. 

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Every person can make a difference. We must stand together to honor the image of God and human dignity in all men and women that will heal the racism in America.”     ~Dr. Martin Luther King

As I daily seek to see reconcile what I have personally experienced and the experiences of family, friends and colleagues, through a biblical lens,  I find my questions shifting from “What is going on and why ?” to….

 “Lord, what would you have me learn about you in all of this?”  “What do you want me to learn about myself?”

I know the answers to these hard questions will last a lifetime and will require me to continue reading, meditating upon and applying God’s Word to my life.  Only there can I find wisdom and understanding

When I reflect and remember that God is sovereign in ALL things and that none of what is happening in the world has caught Him by surprise, I find comfort.

When I am remembering the goodness of the Lord, which is often found in and through trials, I find hope and peace.

When I stand in awe of His omnipotence, I know that justice will not be denied.  Then, I find boldness and courage.


Lamenting Brings Rejoicing.

I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever”     Ps. 86:12

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